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Lowe's sad, sad passport photos

Born on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, reared on the shores of the Ohio, raised behind some retention pond, and educated in the riparian zone of the muddy Rio Grande, Lowe prefers to think of himself as a man of Mid/western rivers.


Much of Lowe's early life history has been lost to poor memory, but it is said that he first appeared in Florida from his tornado-prone neighborhood in southern Indiana (leaving behind the secretive Chandler Excel Brain School and his house in the woods replete with basement, treehouse, and tennis court) after his father took a job at a Polk County trucking office near the Mosaic sulfuric acid factory and phosphate works in the notorious Bone Valley.

After eight formative grades gaining appreciation for all things radioactive and exploding while forging and breaking interpersonal bonds, Lowe escaped to the Frontier adjacent the Navajo nation in the shadow of the Sandia/Manzano mountain system, about three miles from where an atomic bomb was accidentally dropped in the 1950s and a block away from the nearest nuclear reactor.

Lowe whiles away his time in a miniature adobe replica of the Pentagon, listening to an average of three hours of podcasts daily while subsiding off of rice, tortillas, and Dr Pepper.


Lowe is an accomplished driver, having completed half a dozen trans-national road trips, as well as singer, actor (appearing in the now-lost Rock Attack 2: Trouble in Omega 7 as Cartographer Smith), gunman, and uranium prospector.

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