His story begins in a vast Iowa cornfield.

He was born Macwell Jebediah in 1966 to a family of prominent Mornom huskers, and it was made clear early on that his emergence into an era of such revolution and cultural defiance was no coincidence. As a child, he would frequently be seen running through town with the local authorities nipping on his heels, or setting small fires outside his primary school doors to get his friends out of class. His blatent disregard for social norms and authority alike molded him into a hardened cynic by his teen years, his dark, yet handsome, face already bearing the scars of his risk-fueled lifestyle. By graduation of high school (by the skin of his teeth, no less; he was extremely bright, but rarely tried his hardest, failing to see the merit of a government initiated education), Macwell was a legend in the small town of Waterloo, but faced a roadblock. College was out of the question, and in a way, so was the local workforce, given their firsthand knowledge of Macwell's work ethic and affinity for excitement anywhere he could get it. There seemed to be only one option.

Macwell enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1988, and two years later was shipped to Kuwait to assist in its liberation from Iraqi hands. One year after that, Macwell returned. And yet, he also did not return.

He was not Macwell any longer, and simply went by "Mac." Similarly, he had abandoned his surname for one more to his liking: "Scott." He was a man changed by war. He'd recieved the Congressional Medal of Honor for leaping onto a grenade to save his squadron, only surviving the blast due to his formidable stature and determination to get his men home safely. He was a hero of war, returning to a nation of economic prosperity. He stayed in Iowa for 4 years as a motivational speaker, before moving to our nation's capital to seek a place in Congress, which he acheived just 6 months later by an overwhelming vote. Already a very rich man, he moved to Florida in 2008 to finally earn a collegiate degree in his newfound passion, Theoretical Archaeology. He has been studying ever since. He has been inspiring ever since. He has been living ever since.

His life began in an Iowa cornfield.

But it will end in the history books.

And also, it's true he's 46, he just looks, like, so good for his age. He look, like...20 or something. 21 maybe.

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